Spring – the very best season

And our winter was quite an easy one, compared to the eastern half of the country, but I am so so ready for it to be done. On that note, the spring mud suits and pants are in stock as well as the Stonz and JoJo gum boots. the stonz boots are made of real rubber and are made to endure. the JoJo are in sizes 4 and 5 with super cute little designs – the Stonz are plain rowdy colours. the bogs rain boots are on the way to the store, should be in this week, as is the Tuffo Muddy buddy wet suit. Tuffo is also making rain jackets and pants which are also on their way here.
there is really not a lot to be gained by trying to keep kids (of all ages) out of puddles, especially in the spring so we might as well dress accordingly and enjoy all the fun mess. Especially since we know that every drop of water was formerly snow.

fall orders

Just finished placing the order for mitts and bogs boots, for next fall .  Still have winter hangin around and to be ordering for the next one seems very cruel – especially to a person who is getting very tired of winter.  and I know our winter has been a piece of cake compared to the rest of the country but I am still done with it.  and then to have to place those order …. Yuk.

the mitts will be the same high quality long cuff designs I have stocked in the past – Snow Stoppers and Cali Kids in many wonderful colours.  All the spring designs of Robeez slippers arrived yesterday too.  Just waiting for the shipment of rain suits and the swimsuits.

Jolly Jumper

Many of us are familiar with the Jolly Jumper, which is a bouncy swing for older babies.  In the old days, they were hung in a doorway, when door framing was more than decorative. Most new houses have cute little pieces of “wood” attached to the wall with brad nails around the doors – and that will NOT hold a happy bouncing baby.  therefore, the Jolly Jumpers which I sell come with their own frame to hold the Jumper.  Portable and solidly safe – best of both worlds.

A part of  the Jolly Jumper company’s advertising is “more than just a jumper” since they now market many different products.  I have 2 different car seat protectors in stock – these are actually to protect the vehicle seat from damage by the infant\child car seat – especially leather seats.  I have had a couple of dads in looking for some way to protect the leather seat of their lovely new truck – I thought perhaps if it did not exist, the child would not be riding in “their” truck.

They also do the Bathe Ezze which is a small sloped form to lay a new baby on, in the tub, for their bath, without having to hold them out of the water.  their head is safely above the water while they rest of them gets washed.  And much less scary then attempting to hold a new squishy baby who, when covered with soap, is as slippery as a fish.

the Sleep-rite is 2 triangular pieces of covered foam which go on either side of the new infant to keep them on their backs, which is the correct sleeping method.  but if the child does not like sleeping on their back, this item will safely keep them on their side without the danger of rolling on to their tummy.

funny little items

One thing I hear quite regularly from customers is in regard to the great number of unusual, even weird, little items I have in the store.

Kneekers are a knee covering for new crawlers, which gives them some traction on hardwood or tile floors as well as some padding.  they come in 2 sizes – regular and “chunkalicious” for the heavier thighs.

the Nosefrida is becoming a more well known name – and it is named for it’s purpose – the Snot sucker.  It is used for exactly that.  Much easier to use – and much more effective – than the little “turkey baster” aspirator and it cannot develop black mould, as the bulb of the aspirator can.

the Comotomo teether is a silicone circle with 4 little fingers attached.  for the infant, it is easy to grab and hold onto and the little fingers are just like chewing on little fingers, without the discomfort.

Rain gear

I know this seems to be a little premature but our weather here in Northern BC is very nice and folks are hoping to purchase a mud suit.  Usually I get them delivered in mid February, which usually seems foolishly early.  this year, the wet \ mud season seems to be in full swing and I only have a few mud suits remaining in stock.  Hopefully the ship has not been delayed and the rest of the suits will roll in soon.

Rain boots are here – nice natural rubber boots by Stonz as well as some teeny weeny mud boots by JoJo.  the bogs rain boots are due in soon also – the season is just so much ahead of usual timing.  Hopefully we do not “pay” for this in April and May…Either way, we need to enjoy this lovely break from winter.

for the seasonally adventurous, the Dawgs summer shoes are also in stock.  these are the foam shoes, very similar to Crocs – nice and light and it does not matter if you get caught in the rain, can’t hurt them.

Save your Seat

this is a wonderful item to have on hand for those inevitable messes in the car seat.  No more having to remove, wash, dry and reassemble your child’s car seat to clean up the road trip messes.  These disposable car seat and strap covers will make your life much easier. the covers are made of 3 layer waterproof/moisture wicking material, fitted with elastic and perforations to enable the cover to fit all car seats.  and it does not interfere with the car seat belting system.   they come in a package of 4 for 35.95    In the old days, a car seat was not a requirement (imagine that !! )  but I can appreciate how horrible it would be to clean vomit from a car seat – Yukk


so here we are .. ready to slog through another winter so we can get to the good stuff !!  You can tell from that I am no longer a fan of extreme winter.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season, as I did.   I did not open the store for Boxing Day since I have a real problem with having “fabulous sales” on the day after Christmas.  folks were willing to support my business at full price and a day later I am going to put all that same inventory on sale at half price…Just seems mean and unkind.

So, what am I going to do this year to reward my very supportive shoppers – I am going to do a 2-day anniversary sale.  and since we did all that frantic moving on June 30 to get the store open on July 1st, that is going to be the 2-day anniversary.   Probably a cake and  coffee and 50% off store wide.  Or something of that sort – lots of time to plan, right?? Might attempt to get a member of the RCMP or fire department to do a car seat training event.  It might be nice to do a help session for nursing moms too…just not sure how to get that set up yet.

In the meantime, Spring product has just started to trickle in – so there is hope.

little boy ties etc

Long ago, when my boys were little, it was a surprise to me how very much they liked to get dressed up.  Some how, I must have thought it was just a girlie thing…..and still little boys like to wear their “fancy” shirts.  And now I have a HUGE selection of ties for them to add to their finery.  these are perfectly formed little ties, just boy sized, with an elastic loop which goes under their collar – and they look wonderful.  Practically every colour and print is represented – since I have about 60 ties and no doubles!!  7.95 each

also received a re-stock of the Footies for teething.  these are a silicone “foot print” attached to a ribbon and clip so it can be fastened to their shirt.  Many colours here too, lots of combinations of wonderful ribbon designs and 6 colours of feet.  16.95 each

the Christmas trees are up at the front of my store in the Mall – thanks to my granddaughter Sara, (the Christmas elf) for the help.  Made it a very easy job – she even climbed the giant tall ladder in the shop to hang the decorations from the ceiling, above the check out area.  and it looks fabulous.


Knit wit hats

Just received a shipment of these fabulous (and goofy) wool pilot hats.  they are created with an animal face on the top with ears, tails or whatever else is required.  they attempt to stay true to the actual colour of the animal type and most of them are recognizable – the raccoon compared to the fox, for example, is obviously itself. they also have a good selection of sock monkey hats, in all sorts of nifty fun stripes and even one with a green fuzzy Mohawk.  These hats are made from wool and are lined with fleece with ear covers and ties.  Pilot hats.  very warm and cozy hats.  Mitts of the same fabrics – wonderfully warm and even when damp, wool is not cold…those pioneers knew their fabrics.

I have been walking for a long time and always found that, when wearing a toque, my jaws up into my ears and cheeks would always get cold since the silly toque would ride higher on my head, probably pushed up by the coat collar.  So, constantly pulling that toque down was about as good as it got.  Until I discovered the pilot hat style.  Solved that problem. My hat is a green Oscar the grouch  – but I think I might trade it for the Dragon or Cyclops.


robeez slippers

Way back last Feb (2014) when I ordered my fall\winter supply of robeez slippers and booties, it seemed like a sufficient quantity.  such was not the case – and I also managed to totally miss the 0-6 month size of pink booties.  Now I have just received a shipment to fill up the depleted slipper rack as well as a batch of the pink 0-6 month booties.

these little robeez booties are the most wonderful footwear for infants up to 24months – nice and warm for wearing as slippers in the house. and an added bonus, they are not slippery on laminate floors.   They are also fine as an outside boot – obviously not up to water puddles – definitely need gum boots for that – but in dry snow, they are great.

they come in 4 sizes and 4 colours – pink, navy, chocolate brown and cream.  Sizes 0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m  – 39.95